3 thoughts on “The necklace

  1. Hi –

    I came across your blog through the TTTS message boards. We lost our twin daughter, Lola on 2/6/09 and delivered her sister Bella by c-section that day at 35 weeks. There were no signs of TTTS before we found out that Lola had passed during a routine non stress test and ultrasound. Bella is doing great at one years old now but I so wish her sister was here with us.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say I am sorry for your loss, and also wanted to tell you how much I love the necklaces and the Sunshine and Daisy artwork you have in memory of your daughters. Did you create that print?


  2. I cried reading your story and although I wasn’t pregnant with twins we lost a little girl due to an omphalocele on June 3 2009. We got pregnant again in September and had our third little boy on June 11, 2010. I totally relate to everything you talked about and I to wear a little shoe with Gracelyn’s name engraved on it which also upsets me at times. Nothing will replace our loss and we were nervous nelly’s the entire pregnancy but it is a bit vindicating to come out of the hospital with a baby after having lost. I too get irritated that I only have a shoe around my neck instead of our only little girl we ever got pregnant with but I see the joy in our three boys and I am thankful for that. I’m so grateful for your story and I wish you luck in the next weeks hoping that your delivery goes well. Did you happen to find out the sex of your new baby? May God be with you and bless your family in this time of joy and sadness as you remember what you could have had. Delivery will be a happy and sad moment at least it was for us as you remember your journey of it all! Good luck and take care.