In their memory.

My Babies Grave Markers I painted for them

My Babies Grave Markers I painted for them

This Blog will remain online in memory of
Sunshine & Daisy Goldschmidt

Expected Delivery Date
January 13th, 2010

Actual Delivery Date
Born Sleeping on September 25th, 2009 at 24 weeks gestation

Always in our hearts.

It is crucial for parents with a multiple gestation to determine their placental type early. With monochorionic twins, you should watch carefully for the warning signs of TTTS. Since TTTS is a high-risk problem that can happen quickly and at any time in pregnancy, frequent examinations and ultrasound scans are necessary to catch the problem early. Many physicians are unaware of the warning signs so your awareness is critical.

What is TTTS?

TTTS Foundation

One thought on “In their memory.

  1. The stones you made in honor of your daughters are just beautiful. What a wonderful way of remembering them.