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Daisy & Sunshine

Daisy & Sunshine

Things did not go well. Sunshine could not survive without her sister. They came to us together as a unit and they had to leave us together as well… It was out of our hands.

I know there are many friends who are reading this who will not know how to respond, so please don’t worry about it. I understand that there is really nothing to say, and I appreciate you following our story. Please drop me a line when you read this, just to let me know you’ve been here- that would mean a lot. Seeing my daily reader stats gave me incentive to write and now I am grateful to have this “diary” of our experience.

To other moms, expectant moms, and especially TTTS moms who’ve found me through the various message boards which I have visited in the last few months, please know that our situation is not the norm. Our unfortunate outcome is what was meant to be in our unique situation.

I have not decided if I will leave this blog up, or for how long. I know when I was first thrown into this situation, reading blogs of this type really helped me process and come to terms with all possible outcomes, good or bad. If you feel inclined to contact me privately, you can do so here.

Thank You again for reading.

8 thoughts on “Thanks for reading

  1. I’m just so sorry (and sad) that things worked out this way. I know nothing can make the situation easier, but please know we are here to help try.

  2. There are no words right now. I have been following your story on one of the message boards. I think I have commented once on this website. I am so sorry for the loss of your girls. I hate this disease and everything that goes with it. I really wish it was one disease that doctors could fix and figure out a way to end so much suffering. I am really sorry. This week has been hard for many moms on the message boards, I am so sad for all of them.

  3. I’m from the BBC twin group. I’ve been keeping up with you through your blog and praying for you and the babies. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. You remain in my prayers and thoughts.

  4. Hi, I am the mother of identical twin boys,2,Jake and Luke. I have been aware of TTTS since I became pregnant with identical twins. They let me know about it and the dangers as we kept up with them throughout the 2nd trimester. We foutunately were not effected. I have been touched by so many of the stories on the message board. I come and read frequently just to remind me of this awful disease. I wish there was something someone could do to stop this from happening to any twins ever again. I am doing a research paper for my English class. I just wanted to write and let you know I was here, and thinking about you. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Meghan Peterson

  5. I have been reading your blog and I am heartbreaking, though our stories are different they are still TTTS stories. It is so sad that there is not more knowledge out there about this. I had never heard about it until I found out I was carrying identical triplets. I was diagnoses at 23 weeks and opted for laser surgery, things looked good for us and then a hour after the surgery I was in labor, my boy’s were born at 24 weeks exactly, we lost David at birth, Lucas after a month in the NICU, and Elijah is my survivor, he has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which I have found out is a common diagnosis with TTTS. I have met so many people who have been touched by this horrible disease, all I can do is pray that one day the treatments will be exact, and it will caught early enough, so that no one has to suffer through this pain. God bless you!