Good news… sorta

Sorry  didnt update after  last weeks appointment. It was pretty much more of the same from the week before. Fluid levels off, but everything else in range.

Yesterday we went back to the hospital for another utltrasound. The good news is that Sunshines levels are actually in the normal range- 3.9cm! Daisys are still high- about 10 or 11… but dopplers, bladders, all look good….

so once again we wait. At this point I am really hoping things just stay level for at least the next few weeks. If there continue to be no secondary signs, they will just wait until after 26 weeks and then likely do an amnio to remove some of the extra fluid from daisy and help keep me pregnant as long as possible. but then, the doctor was quick to remindus that things could still take a turn for the worse and so we are coming back on monday for our follow-up.

Will keep you posted.

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