late update

not my belly

not my belly

So, sorry I took a while to follow up. Thursday kinda sucked. Our regular ultrasound lady, who is really nice and personable and makes me feel good when things like dopplers look good, was not there. And in her place was this major  attitude attached to a ultrasound technician.

I truly dont know why she was such a beyotch, Seriously, I waited almost 1.5 hours to be seen and she was just all attitude. Didn’t wanna get the doctor, made me feel like a nuisance even asking…

But more importantly, the fluid levels were off again… down to 2.5-3 for sunshine and up to 8-9 for daisy. (and she wanted to know why I wanted to talk o the doctor??? hello???)

But, both bladders looked good. dopplers looked good, growth rates looked good, heart rates looked good, and they remeasured. looks like a 11% size difference and both babies are moving a lot (sunshine, a lot considering how low her levels are….)

We have oour regular OB appointment tomorrow so they set us up to get this weeks ultrasound before we meet the OB.

Other than that, I have been feeling like crap. My belly is HUGE. I’m still working 4 days a week (day off is Dr. day) but it’s wearing me down. sitting at my desk is hell. Sitting here concentrating is even harder. Our family is going to have to learn to survive on a lot less because I will be outta work for a while. I still dont know what my boss plans to do. Last baby he continued to give me 1/2 my salary for 3 months and occasionally asked me to complete some work. I asked him today what he plans to do this time and he said “I don’t know”.    I’ve worked here long enough to know that he’s just gonna do what he feels like he’s in the mood to do. It’s not a great “policy”but hopefully it’ll work out.

I need a break. I’ve been lying on the floor of my office. That is so not cool.

Not pretty

Not pretty

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  1. I think everything will work out and you will get to guilt trip the girls for years and years about how much they made you worry :) If you go to midtown office maybe you can ask for tech Jennifer – she was awesome. I’ve gotten used to waiting there for a mim’m of an hour to see the doctor, fyi. I figure it’s better than being at work! HA. Hope levels stay steady for the next visit and each one after that.