Another Week goes By….

Today was our follow up ultrasound, and things are looking good- even a little better than last week. Sunshine’s fluid levels are measuring between 3 and 4 and Daisy’s are somewhere around 8, maybe a little lower.

They also spent some extra time showing us the umbilical doppler, which shows the bloodflow direction into each baby. It’s not a great`thing when they see a reverse flow… and they didn’t see it.

I guess it’s gonna be fingers crossed every week for the next 10-15 weeks until these beautiful little girls get here!!

… also, I had another lightheaded episode while on the table getting the US. She had to stop and I sat up and drank half a bottle of water to stop myself from feeling like I had to faint. The doctor said it’s likely normal, based on the weight of 2 babies and perhaps if I have low blood pressure. She said to eat potato chips or high sodium foods to keep the blood flowing, and not puddling in my legs. I hope it’s that simple….

Now it’s time to go watch Project Runway!!! Make it work!

*Jul 30 - 00:05*

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