Incident at Port Authority

For the last few days, I have been feeling particularly good. I have been lighter on my feet and my back is hurting less. Despite the fact that every morning I step on the scale to a number 1 digit higher than it was the day before, I was still feeling good. Even folded laundry.
Anyhoooo- that was short lived. Today I felt like crap. I spent an extra long day at work feeling extra heavy and brain dead. Finally, 5:30, I told my boss I really had to go.
I walk 2 blocks to Port Authority from my office. Recently I have been doing it reeeeeaaaaalllllyy slooooowly. I thought I was walking slowely before my vacation but I realized while strolling on the boardwalk that I was practically running. So now, I envision myself walking on the boardwalk as I trudge down the congested manhattan streets to my office. I think it might also be good for my stress level, but I digress.

So today, I get to Port Authority and go up the escalator to my bus platform. As I hit the top of the platform I got a heat rush that made the whole room spin. This has happened before, when I was getting an ultrasound, and the hubby brought me a cup of water, they lowered the rooms AC and I was fine. But here I was, at Port Authority, with No water in my bag, no hubby to help me, and I was pretty sure I was going to pass out. I freaked out. Besides no water and no familiar faces and a spinning room, there was also only an escalator going up. I had no idea how to get down to where they had water. I went into crazy-woman mode. The next man that came off the escalator I practically fell onto. “Help” I said “I need water”…. his initial reaction was to ignore me, thinking I was asking for money… I said “I just need water- I’m pregnant- I’m gonna faint”… and I sat on the floor… a woman came off the escalator and asked me if I was OK… she even offered me her water, but i found an orange in my purse and started peeling it. Another man and woman stopped to see if I was OK, and the other guy came back with a huge bottle of water which I drank half of in one gulp…..
It was so embarrassing. As I started to stop shaking and sweating, I was really embarrassed, even though all the people were so nice and helpful… I really would have passed out. I offered to pay the guy for the water but he didn’t let me. It was really bad.
Eventually a woman I know from the bus stop came up and the bus arrived and I got on it, sitting next to the woman I kinda know.
That better not happen again. I know I should never leave the house without water, but I also can’t handle the weight of carrying too much stuff… I am going to start getting a ride in. No more bus.
Tomorrow is my follow up ultrasound. Fingers crossed, all will be good.
Thanks for reading.

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