Side effects

Now that I am feeling better about the “what-if’s” should the TTTS ever escalate and we have too act on it, I have found myself worrying about the side effects this disease can leave with it’s tiny victims. Besides developmental delays, blindness, kidney or renal failure, it can also leave them with major neurological damage or Cerebral Palsy. I don’t know much about these conditions, but I know they’re not good. The doctor, when explaining the situation to us, is required to inform us of any options we have and potential outcomes. When he got to the part about the option to terminate the pregnancy for fear of any of these conditions, it never occurred to me that that would be the path we choose. We love these babies and if they need us to fight for them, we will.
I just hope and pray this does not progress in the wrong direction… these are decisions I never in my life want to have to make. I have a lot of questions for the doctor regarding when these conditions would show up and how they would present themselves while I am still pregnant (if at all) and if earlier laser surgery or response can lower these odds. he did tell us that addressing the TTTS with laser vs. amnio significantly lowers the risk of neurological disorders, and besides for everything else, that was a major reason for our decision that, should we need it, laser is probably the right decision for us.

We have a niece who has some disabilities and while she all love her and this she is an amazing, loving beautiful child, I don’t know if I have what it takes to raise a child with major problems.

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