Health insurance…what a scam

The first time I went to my hi-risk doctor, they charged me a $50 copay

The second time I went to mky hi-risk doctor, they again charged me a $50 copay. I asked what was the deal…. I thought I only had to pay the copay for the first visit. Receptionist said “hmemm… nope. You gotta pay for every visit” I was like “WTF?” So I asked the doctor directly and he was like “WTF?- hat’s nut- call your insurance co. and find out what the deal is. That’s dumb.” So I called my insurance co. and they said “There is no copay of you get an ultrasound, or if you gat and ultrasound + consult. There is only a copay if you get a consult with no ultrasound” so I said- that’s fine, because I always get an ultrasound when I see him.

So, the next time I went to the doctor, the receptionist says to me “Oh, I looked it up and you actually DON’T have a copay” so i said “great- can I get my money back?” and she said “No- not from me- you have to take it up with the hospital billing department”  and I was like “WTF? You took my $ when you shouldn’t have but no won’t give it back? That’s BS.”  And she’s all “sorry- nothing I can do”

Ok- so at least now I know there are no more copays, right? um, wrong.

I got a bill in the mail from the hospital! Why? Because in order to milk my insurance company for the most $$, they bill my visit as 2 seperate appointments! One for an ultrasound and one for a consult!!! So now, my insurance denied the full payment for the consult and said I owe the copay.I called the billing department and THEY can’t fix it- I have to fix it with the drs. office- the same ones that are gonna tell me to deal with the billing department.

What a bunch of crap. I have an appointment with the hi-risk doctor tomorrow and I’m gonna try and straighten it out. Either way, I aint paying those copays.

And the doctor told me not to stress. Nice.

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