Monochorionic Identical twin ultrasound- week 6

So, I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve learned about twins in the last few weeks. Some of it is very fascinating. Some of it is very scary. Hopefully the scary parts won’t affect our pregnancy, but educating myself about them has been a wise use of my time, in my opinion. 

So, anyhooo, when we went for our first ultrasound, I had no idea how far along I actually was, because, well, I hadn’t really been keeping track of my periods. That being said, we WERE trying to get pregnant, I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon, and was waiting for my next period to start paying closer attention. We were, it turns out, about 6 weeks. But anyhow, i digress. 

So, we went for the ultrasound and we were seen by the on staff technician at my OB’s office. She’s not the most personable- we knew this from our experiences with her when we were expecting The Kid, but figured, she was just there to  confirm everything was OK. 

So, I’m lying on the bed and she’s poking around in me with the ultrasound wand (That early they don’t just put it on the belly) We’re looking at the monitor and she’s poking up and down and up and down and not saying anything. I can’t make out one “white splotch” on the screen which is generally the baby in the midst of your womb, so I ask “Is everything OK?” thinking “hmmmm. maybe the pee stick was wrong”…

This was her response (I’m paraphrasing, but you’ll get the idea)   “umm hmmmm…. So, here is one and here (moving the wand inside me) is the other, there should be a membrane here between them , but I’m not seeing it”

Ok- If I had not been lying down, I would have fallen on the floor. You. Must. be. Kidding. Me- right? I mean, seriously? In the same breath you vaguely tell us we’re having twins you also tell us that something is wrong- something I don’t understand that sounds really horrifyingly scary?? I mean- seriously? 

Hubbo and I both decided to hold off on asking about the membrane issue to confirm that she was, in fact, telling us we were having twins. We both promptly started saying “oh, no- you must have the wrong people, we didn’t order off of that menu” “Oh, no- that doesn’t run in our family and we’re not taking any fertility drugs- you must be mistaken” “oh, no- doesn’t that fetus know we don’t enjoy changing diapers? what could it be thinking?”

After our series of one-liners, she stared at us blankly and said “yes- it’s twins and they’re identical”. Then I asked about the membrane. What membrane and why wasn’t she seeing it. She awkwardly and very unclearly explained that since they are sharing the same sack, if there is no membrane they can end up leaching off each other and it’s very bad. She was very not clear. When I asked her to clarify, she made even less sense, and against my better judgement I asked “you mean, they’ll be conjoined?” She looked at me like I had 2 heads and said “no- they’ll share nutrients but it might not be balanced”. Then she said “oh, but it’s early and sometimes it’s hard to see the membrane early. The dr. will send you to the high risk dr. where they have a better machine and they might see it there.” That’s pretty much all she had to say and I would have been fine. Man, that woman was a serious buzz-kill. 

So, here, is a picture of that very first twin ultrasound, from week 6


Week 6- two little white dots in a sea of black

Week 6- two little white dots in a sea of black

So, did the High Risk doctor see the membrane??? Yes, he did. More on that to follow. I need sleep now.

2 thoughts on “Monochorionic Identical twin ultrasound- week 6

  1. My doctor did the same to me but left me clueless with my sonogram I have two small dots but I’m unsure what that means

  2. Hi Mommy T. I love it — “we didn’t order off that menu…”. I have to say that Today. Today. Two day? I just found “we” appear to have been…no, we ordered.. Anyway same menu. Same news. 6 weeks.
    We already have 2 beautiful girls 3 and 5. I’m still in shock; your post is one of first as I just got home and typed in these new foreign terms into the google. We have same uncertainty re this membrane