Carrying The Kid

So, I’m having a hard time figuring out how these link things work, but in the meanwhile, I wanted to write about some stuff that’s been on my mind.
It’s getting difficult to carry The Kid. She’s 15 months and really hitting a time where she is demanding a lot of attention. It’s hard because I really should not be carrying her- I can feel her weight sitting on my belly and I know that’s not good. Today, some relatives arrived from out of town and while they were here and talking to the hubbo she was getting all crazy because she really really wanted me to hold her. I felt so bad that I took her, and I felt the strain on my body. I’m not among the strongest people you’ll ever meet and I’m just worried because the farther along I get, and the heavier she gets, the harder it’s gonna get to handle. As if I needed more stuff to stress about.

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